Meet Jessica Bäckman

Jessica Bäckman started at a karting school when she was seven years old, but had to wait for two more years before she was old enough to take her license. In 2006, she made her debut in the North Swedish Championship, and continued to compete in Stockholm as well as in the south of Sweden and internationally. In 2014–2015, she started to drive for the Italian factory team Kosmic, in a series similar to the Formula 1 of Karting. It brought tough and hard races that provided a very good training for the future.

– It was overwhelming and new at first, but after a while I felt more at home at the international tracks than the Swedish ones. I spent more time travelling than being at home, Jessica says.

In 2017 Jessica, just like her brother Andreas, started with rallycross, a sport which has gained a lot of respect in the world of racing and the media coverage.

– It was a great challenge to drive on gravel, with a larger car, an all-new turn technique and significantly shorter races.

In 2018, Jessica competed in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship STCC, as well as the British counterpart TCR UK. There, Jessica can lean safely against her experiences of both karting and rallycross.

Jessica entered 2019 with both a new car, a new team and a new championship and she ended up reaching no less than three podium finishes during the season. She also got the chance to represent Sweden in the Olympics of Motorsport, FIA Motorsport Games, where she finished on a well- deserved sixth place.

2019 was a very good year for me. I never thought I would be able to fight for the top positions against the best drivers in the world already in my second year in racing.

In 2020, Jessica will compete with the same team and car brand in the prestigious championship TCR Europe, where she aim for her first win in TCR.

I look forward to the 2020 season. Now I have got the taste of what it takes to reach the top and it feels safe to follow the same pattern as 2019 when it turned out to be successful.


What is the most fun part about TCR Europe?
– Ever since I first started with gokart in 2006, I have always preferred to compete internationally instead of in Sweden. Racing in Europe is something extra, everything is much bigger, more cars, more people and other environments. It’s prestigious but also fascinating with all the media and people that shows interest. The European competition has a good reputation in media.

Describe your racing skills.
– My strength is that I truly enjoy to race, which means that if I see a gap, then I’m going for it. I’m also good at staying calm even when it doesn’t turn out as I had imagined sometimes.

How is it to drive for the team Target Competition?
– Target Competition is today Europe’s most qualified racing team. 2019 we became team champions in TCR Europe, so it feels extra confident to continue for the same team 2020.

What is your goal in the future?
– The goal for 2020 is take my first win in TCR and to compete for the podium places in the championship. In order to reach the world elite in the TCR: FIA World Touring Car Championship WTCR in 2021.

Jessica Bäckman

Born: August 25th, 1997 
Lives in: Boden, Sweden 
Occupation: Racing driver for the Target Competition team, studying to become a MBA (Master of Science in Business and Economics) at the Luleå University of Technology
Merits: 3 times Swedish Champion, 4 podiums in 4 different TCR championships. 6th in the Motorsport Olympics, FIA Motorsport Games.
Language: Swedish and English 
Interests: Motorsport, gym and running 
Role model: Michael Schumacher 
Currently: TCR Europe campaign 2020

6th place in FIA Motorsport Games
3rd place in TCR Europe at Hockenheim
2nd place in TCR Germany at Hockenheim
3rd place in TCR Scandinavia at Anderstorp
2nd place in TCR UK event 3, Brands Hatch – therefor first woman in the UK and second woman in the world to score a podium position in a TCR championship.
Racing – STCC, TCR UK & TCR Europe 2018
4th TCR UK Driver Championship
Best woman in Karting World Championship, RX2
1st place in Swedish Championship, Senior 125
5th place in RallyX Nordic event 6, RX2
Rallycross (RX2) & Senior 125
5th place in RallyX Nordic event 6, RX2
3rd place in Belgian Karting Championship
Pole position in European Championship
Rotax Max Senior, Senior 125, OK & Rallycross
4th place in European Championship event 3
Pole position in Belgian Karting Championship
1st place in Swedish Championship, Senior 125
2nd place in Belgian Karting Championship event 6
3rd place in German Karting Championship event 4, KF2
1st place in Belgian Karting Championship event 5
Rotax Max Senior & KF2
3rd place in European Championship/Winter Cup
2nd place in Swedish Championship, KF2
Rotax Max Senior & KF2
8th place in German Karting Championship, KF2
1st place in Belgian Karting Championship event 2
1st place in Belgian Karting Championship event 1
Rotax Max Senior 2013
6th place in Shenington event 6
Best woman in Karting World Championship
5th place in European Championship event 3
Rotax Max Junior
7th place Super 1 event 5
1st place in Swedish Championship
4th place in Swedish Championship, Rotax Max Junior
Rotax Max Junior & KF3 2010-2011
4th place Tom Trana Trophy, KF3
3rd place in North Swedish Cup
Formula mini & J-60
3rd place in Swedish Cup
1st place in District Championship
Formula Micro 2007-2008
2nd place in North Swedish Cup
Cadetti 2006
Won my first ever race in karting